Russian and English interpreter

You don’t need to be an engineer to build bridges.
Russian or English interpreter

As a liaison interpreter, I build bridges between people who otherwise would have a lot of difficulty understanding each other. Responding to the personal interaction between you and your conversation partner(s), I transmit the message from English and Russian to Dutch and vice versa accurately and completely.

Throughout the years, I have built up a solid experience in interpreting all kinds of conversations and interviews, as well as meetings, negotiations and presentations. This is how I contribute to better understanding between parties. This is important, because there are a lot of situations in which everything depends on crystal clear communication.

Sworn translator and interpreter

As I am a sworn translator and interpreter, I can also function as an interpreter for English or Russian (always from and to Dutch) for official meetings, e.g. during an interview in the context of legal cohabitation or marriage in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium if one of the partners has a foreign nationality. Apart from that, judicial bodies and lawyers regularly make use of my services.

My office is based in Dilbeek, near Brussels, from where I can offer my services to customers nearby as well as far away. That opens up a lot of possibilities, but if you’re looking for an interpreter for another language or discipline than the ones I master, I can help you find a colleague who is able to help you. Luxembourgish, Lingala or Lithuanian: I will help you out for any language!


Interpreter English – Dutch and Dutch – English

Interpreter Russian - English and English - Russian

A lot of experience

Clear and concrete

Network colleagues for any other language

An introduction

Working method

If you need an interpreter, please let me know

  • what your discussions will be about (the subject),
  • when and where they will take place, and
  • how much time is provided.

With this information, I can make a price offer for an interpreting assignment.

If you need writing services or a language course, you can also let me know what you need exactly, what the text or language skills are destined for and which deadline you have in mind, so we can make clear arrangements.

As opposed to other professions, freelance translators and interpreters don’t have official price arrangements. This is why I always draw up a proposal depending on the nature, the duration and the volume of the assignment.

Feel free to contact me for any other question!

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