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Dutch / English / Russian




Translation of documents, presentations and other texts from English or Russian to Dutch


Sworn translations

Sworn translation of your official documents from English or Russian to Dutch


Dutch <> English and Dutch <> Russian linguistic support during conversations and discussions

Sworn interpreting

Dutch <> English and Dutch <> Russian consecutive interpreting during conversations and discussions in an official or legal context

Who can come to me?


Companies that work with foreign customers or suppliers in their trade relations can use my services as a translator or interpreter.

Private persons, couples and families

In a private context, too, it is possible that you will have to deal with foreign-language interlocutors. Just think of family issues or the preparations of a file to legally live with or marry someone of another nationality in Belgium, the purchase of a house or the search for a job abroad.

Authorities and sollicitors

Authorities and official bodies that want to use a translator or an interpreter to facilitate discussions or to ensure that misunderstandings are resolved once and for all, can call on my services as well.

In short...

As a freelance translator and interpreter, I can step in flexibly where and when you need me. Whenever you would like to hire a language professional as an indispensable link in your communication process, you can count on me!

About me

Frequently asked questoins

To guarantee a smooth collaboration we follow a fixed process. This is how you can be sure of the quality of our work from A to Z!

1. What is the price of a translation?

If I can help you with a translation, I would like to know:

  • the language you need a translation from,
  • if the translation has to be sworn,
  • the volume (expressed in number of words or, in case of birth certificates etc, pages), and
  • when you need the translation (the deadline).

With these data, I can make an offer for a translation from English or Russian to Dutch and we can discuss the terms of delivery. As soon as we agree, I can start working with your text.

2. How much do you charge if we need you as an interpreter?
If you need an interpreter, please let me know

  • what your discussions will be about (the subject),
  • when and where they will take place, and
  • how much time is provided.

With this information, I can make a price offer for an interpreting assignment.

If you need writing services or a language course, you can also let me know what you need exactly, what the text or language skills are destined for and which deadline you have in mind, so we can make clear arrangements.

As opposed to other professions, freelance translators and interpreters don’t have official price arrangements. This is why I always draw up a proposal depending on the nature, the duration and the volume of the assignment.

3. Why is a sworn translation more expensive than another translation?

Sworn translations always require more work, and therefore more time, from the translator. Even more than elsewhere, every letter is checked, also in terms of layout. You can never translate authentic documents using a translation memory, which can otherwise speed up the task.

In addition, both source and target text must always be printed to be able to stamp and sign on the back, and usually additional agreements regarding delivery and service are involved.

Finally, sworn translators and interpreters are required to keep their legal knowledge up-to-date through training courses that also require extra time and budget; otherwise they will lose their title.

4. Why don't you work with standard rates?

As opposed to other professions, freelance translators and interpreters don’t have official price arrangements. This is why I always draw up a proposal depending on the nature, the duration and the volume of the assignment.

About me

Dear visitor,

I am not a big fan of quotes, but now and then I see one that really stays in my memory; this one, for example :

‘Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. Then go ahead and do it, because what the world needs, Is people who have come alive.’

Howard Thurman (1899 – 1981), an Afro-American author, philosopher, theologian and human rights activist tells us not to wonder what exactly is needed in the world, but to be driven by the things we get very enthusiastic about. ‘Because,’ he says, ‘that’s what the world needs: people who are really passionate about what they do!’

These words stick to me because I perfectly agree with them, and what is even more: I am lucky to have found this passion. To work with people and languages every day is a gift. I’m passionate about both and they will always be a source of inspiration to me.

I’ll be happy to answer any language or translation questions.

I hope to see you soon,


Education and expertise

Customer quotes

“For all those helpless foreigners struggling to find an awesome interpreter for Dutch, in an otherwise French predominant Brussels, I recommend the services of Ms. De Bruyn. She took extra interest to better understand the complexity of my situation and this helped me stay calm in the most tense of moments. Her patience and general friendly disposition eased the conversation while attending a meeting in a room full of government empanelled officials.”


“Veerle is very professional and responsive. We needed some documents translated urgently and she was able to do this for us. I would definitely recommend her services and will use her translation services again.”

Please feel free to contact me for any other question!