From English and Russian to Dutch


The translation is a profession in its own right. You can call it a craft. It takes time, dedication, and concentration and it is best to hire someone who is properly trained and who is very happy to devote himself to it. Someone who specializes in understanding what is in the source text and then accurately conveying the message in the target language, normally her mother tongue. A translator is a language professional who not only puts the finishing touches but also strictly observes agreements made. Such a person is a specialist, a reliable partner you can count on.

I would like to be that partner for you. Texts with a business or commercial slant, of a legal nature, or HR-related texts I translate for you from English and Russian into correct and understandable Dutch.

I work with texts in all common electronic formats. Where possible I use the translation memory SDL Trados. This isn’t a translation program that does the job for me, but it is an extensive database of terminology that allows me to translate sentences and terms in the same way as before… or to deviate from previous choices if another solution now fits better. This offers an even better quality guarantee. As a freelance translator, I am not only very flexible, but I also make punctuality a point of honor.

My translation agency is located in Dilbeek, from where I can serve clients near and far. If you have a translation question for languages ​​other than my own, I would be happy to look for a fellow native speaker through one of the networks I am a part of who can help you further.

In a nutshell

Translator Russian – Dutch

Translator English – Dutch

Personalized approach

Punctual delivery

Redirection possible for other languages

An introduction

Working method

If I can help you with a translation, I would like to know:

  • the language you need a translation from,
  • if the translation has to be sworn,
  • the volume (expressed in number of words or, in case of birth certificates etc, pages), and
  • when you need the translation (the deadline).

With these data, I can make an offer for a translation from English or Russian to Dutch and we can discuss the terms of delivery. As soon as we agree, I can start working with your text.

If you need an interpreter, please let me know

  • in which context your conversations take place and for which language this service is required;
  • when and where your meeting is due, and
  • how much time is provided.

With this information, I can make a price offer for an interpreting assignment.

As opposed to other professions, freelance translators and interpreters don’t have official price arrangements. This is why I always draw up a proposal depending on the nature, the duration and the volume of the assignment.

Feel free to contact me for any other question!