Education in different fields of translation studies

Sworn translator – interpreter

Certificate obtained at Ghent University in June 2021.

Topics covered: Law, deontology, terminology, and text types, supplemented with translation exercises in a legal context.

This converts my provisional inclusion in the National Register for Sworn Translators and Interpreters into a definitive one.



Licentiate translator Dutch, English, Russian, Erasmus University College Brussels, 1998

Graduation thesis: De relaties tussen Amerika en Rusland: translation from English of a book excerpt by Peter Boyle with introduction and commentary

Internships at Minsk State Linguistic University and Moscow Academy of Economics


Master interpreter Dutch, English, Russian, Vlekho Brussels, 2006

Graduation thesis: Het internationaal imago van Rusland: Strategie en vormgeving: translation from Russian of a book excerpt by E. A. Galumov with introduction and commentary

Literary translation

Postgraduate KU Leuven in collaboration with Master’s in Literary Translation Utrecht University, 2018

Graduation thesis: De liefde en zo veel meer. Een novelle van Daniil Granin. Translation from Russian of three fragments with introduction and reflection, supervised by Prof. Dr. Pieter Boulogne

Translation project: als een boek een slotje heeft, is dat meestal niet voor niets, toch. Translation from English of a short story by Helen Oyeyemi, with explanations of points for attention for the translator, under the guidance of Mrs. Leen Van Den Broucke.

Extra training courses and workshops

  • Literary translation from English, workshops given by Ine Willems and Niek Miedema, Vertalersvakschool Amsterdam/Antwerp, 2019
  • Literary translation workshops from English, Translation Days Amsterdam 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, Passa Porta Brussels 2018, Comic Translation Brussels 2018, Intensive ELV course (as part of postgraduate) Antwerp & Utrecht 2018
  • Winter and summer school with themes such as ‘Russian Avantgarde’, ‘Dive into Russian language and culture’ and ‘Russian literature and painting’, Center for Russian Studies (KU Leuven), 2015-2017


Working method

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Discussing the assignment

Price offer

Feel free to contact me.

    Working method

    If I can help you with a translation, I would like to know:

    • the language you need a translation from,
    • if the translation has to be sworn,
    • the volume (expressed in number of words or, in case of birth certificates etc, pages), and
    • when you need the translation (the deadline).

    With these data, I can make an offer for a translation from English, Russian or French to Dutch and we can discuss the terms of delivery. As soon as we agree, I can start working with your text.

    If you need an interpreter, please let me know

    • what your discussions will be about (the subject),
    • when and where they will take place, and
    • how much time is provided.

    With this information, I can make a price offer for an interpreting assignment.

    As opposed to other professions, freelance translators and interpreters don’t have official price arrangements. This is why I always draw up a proposal depending on the nature, the duration and the volume of the assignment.


    Feel free to contact me for any other question.

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