Sworn translation

A little ‘handicraft’ from English and Russian into Dutch

Sworn translation

If you or your company are going through a legal or administrative procedure for which one or more document(s) must be sworn translated from English or Russian into Dutch, then you have come to the right place. Because a sworn translation has exactly the same legal value as the original document, official authorities request, for example, the translation of a birth certificate from abroad (in the context of a marriage or legal cohabitation with a partner of foreign origin in Belgium), a diploma ( for those who want to enroll at a university) or proof of income (for those who want to take out a loan abroad). Even if your foreign company wants to open an additional branch in Belgium (or vice versa, your Belgian company wants to move abroad), the sworn and legalized translation of the articles of association will be requested.

In order to do this, I took the oath as a translator at the Brussels court and successfully completed additional compulsory training. For example, I have a unique registration number in the National Register for Translators and Interpreters (the ‘VTI number’) and I have my own stamp to provide your translation with this.

If the document is intended for use in Belgium, the calibrated wording in combination with my stamp and signature on the back of my translation will suffice. If you need to be able to submit the translation abroad, you still have to go to a separate service at FPS Foreign Affairs with my sworn translation.

Authenticity and precision

Sworn translations require more ‘manual work‘ than other translations. Printing both source text and translation is a must. In addition, the certified translation goes through (at least) an extra round of proofreading to be 120% sure that literally every character, every number, every emblem, and every name is not only included in the translation but is also transcribed error-free and in the correct place.

Fair? I like the authenticity that comes from that stamp and signature. And luckily, the layout holds few secrets for me, and with that arrangement and all the dots on I it always works out.

In a nutshell

Sworn translator Russian – Dutch

Sworn translator English – Dutch

Own VTI – number and stamp

Extremely thorough letter – by – letter review

Extremely neat layout

Punctual and reliable delivery

An introduction

Working method

If you need an interpreter, please let me know

  • what your discussions will be about (the subject),
  • when and where they will take place, and
  • how much time is provided.

With this information, I can make a price offer for an interpreting assignment.

If you need writing services or a language course, you can also let me know what you need exactly, what the text or language skills are destined for and which deadline you have in mind, so we can make clear arrangements.

As opposed to other professions, freelance translators and interpreters don’t have official price arrangements. This is why I always draw up a proposal depending on the nature, the duration and the volume of the assignment.

Feel free to contact me for any other question!