Curriculum vitae

Experience in several fields and services.

Translating: Russian, English and French to Dutch

  • Sworn translation of official documents such as birth certificates, certificates of unmarried status, marriage certificates, diplomas, driver’s licenses,…
  • Legal texts, company statutes, judgments, purchase/sale agreements
  • Texts dealing with EU regulations
  • Texts of business-commercial slant, newsletters, and press releases
  • HR-related texts (thanks to extensive experience in the sector)

Freelance, 1999-2008; restart 2019

Interpreting: Russian/Dutch and English/Dutch

  • Court interpreter: police interrogations and court hearings, lawyer-client talks
  • Mediation and discussions in family matters, including in the family court
  • Asylum applications at the Immigration Office
  • Presentations, meetings, and negotiations for companies, ministries, and trade unions.

Freelance, 1999-2008; restart 2019


  • Lecturer in Dutch at Odisee University of Applied Sciences, 2020 – present
  • Dutch teacher at HoGent, 2019
  • Russian, English, and Dutch lessons for adults (companies and evening classes), Freelance & CVO Aalst (1999-2002)
  • English teacher in secondary education, 2020, Regina Caelilyceum Dilbeek


In the context of outplacement, I took to heart the guidance of many people who had recently lost their jobs. During individual coaching and group supervision, I assisted them in finding the courage and motivation on their way to work or training.

Daoust, 2008-2019

Civic integration

As a learning path counselor I have contributed to the guidance of newcomers within the framework of the Flemish Civic Integration Decree, mainly in Russian, English, and French.

Brussels Onthaalbureau Nieuwkomers (BON), 2002-2005

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